Ligaya’s guest home as well as Cottages in Sagada, Philippines

“I don’t know.”

That was my groundbreaking response when my buddies Dane as well as Ces asked me where we would be staying in Sagada. We were already on the method there.

“Sind Sie im Ernst?”

Unfortunately, I was. as well as it was a huge problem. exactly how might a group of yuppies travel to Sagada without any type of hostel reservation? The guest houses I called days before were all fully-booked. I was intending to push my luck once again just like the year before when our reservations did not push with however we ended up staying at one more guest house.

When I  got a text message from fellow blogger Benj of, I understood it was great news. Apparently, he discovered a location for us. He just alerted us that it was far from the primary road. We were relieved. We were completely fine with anything really. We couldn’t be choosers that time.

After a long trip to Sagada as well as a satisfying meal at Salt as well as Pepper, our group decided to head over to Ligaya’s guest home as well as Cottages or just Ligaya.

Ligaya’s home as well as Cottages, Sagada
Benj was right. It was truly far from the town’s primary road. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Ate Ligaya herself. She led us to a neighbor’s house, which was likewise available to guests. That was where we would be staying since her home was completely booked, too. however we weren’t complaining, this home was huge as well as we would have the space to ourselves. The living space of the home is spacious as well as has a fireplace on one end! phone call us shallow as well as childish however the very first thing we did was camwhored by the fireplace.

Obvious ba na natuwa kami masyado sa fireplace. right here are my buddies camwhoring again!
The space they gave us had two double-deck beds. The beds were wide as well as extremely comfortable. It was likewise between two restrooms, which meant that our morning rituals won’t be a problem. The bathrooms were likewise spacious however they didn’t have hot water. However, you may select to warm water at the kitchen. It was fine with us.

Our hosts were extremely friendly as well as helpful. They assisted us in whatever that we needed. We were treated as special guests  as well as they were truly mindful of our needs. When we were there, we observed that they kept making lemon as well as orange pies. At very first we believed it was for their household however we ultimately learned they were selling them. One night they gave each of us a slice of lemon pie as well as it was really, truly good. We gotten a number of boxes from them on our last day.

We didn’t have much to grumble about the guest home we stayed in. If anything, we were deeply thankful of them for accommodating us. They were life savers. There were a couple of things that needed improvement, yes, however it was an awesome, kicking back experience overall.

Perhaps the only huge thing that works against it was the location. It was really, truly far from the primary road. On our last night, after the bonfire, the SAGGAS jeep service dropped us off at the corner of the primary road as well as the road leading to our guest house. It was past 12 midnight as well as we had no option however to walk. We pretended to be courageous travelers as well as braved our method to the guest home however our act didn’t last long. just a number of meters into it, we decided to head back to the primary road. It was so dark as well as we were all about to pee our pants out of fear. Fortunately, a group of locals passed by as well as they offered to walk us to the guest house.

The upside was that the place was really, truly nice. It had this quaint, rustic atmosphere, provided that it was somewhat isolated. as well as the service made up for the distance from the town proper.

Ligaya’s home as well as Cottages
Kapinitan, Sagada
09183438415 / 09207849633
Rate: P250 per night per person

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